Financial Literacy program for Children and Young Adults
(Age 8-18)


What will your child learn?

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Value of Money & How Money Works?

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Earn, Save and Grow your Money

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Budgeting: Secret of Money Management


Smart Spending & Decision Making


World Around Us: NFT, Banks, Scams, Digital Wellbeing

Why Financial Literacy Is Important For Your Child?

Parents love the changes we bring to children's life

We need it now, more than ever

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We need it now, more than ever

The London Institute of Banking and Finance surveyed more than 2,000 students across the UK for its 2021/22 Young Persons Money Index. The survey found that


  • 81% said that they worry about money

  • 67% said that they had become more anxious about money as a result of Covid

  • 72% said they wanted to learn more about money and finance in school

  • Just 15% citing school as their main source of financial education


More than a third of adults in the UK say they do not feel confident about managing money


Source: Bank of England (Read More)