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Make your Child Money Smart

Live 1:1 Finance Lessons that are taught neither at school nor at home

World's First

Financial Literacy + Entrepreneurship program for students of age 8 -15 years

Designed by team from IIM Calcutta 


"The biggest mistake parents make when teaching their kids about money is that they do not start early"


Warren Buffet

Parents and kids love us

"I could really appreciate the magic of compounding only when I was in my 40's. But my daughter(12 years) knows about Power of Compounding; she prepares home budget and makes sure that we follow it to the tee. This is courtesy of the fabulous teachers and curriculum by education10x"


Kirti Thapa
Chief Manager, HPCL, Mumbai


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How do we teach?

Live 1:1 Classes

Attend Live classes conducted by handpicked experts

Learning App: Games and Videos

Watch learning videos, play learning games and learn real life lessons

Activities and Worksheets

Try hands-on finance activities and practice with worksheets

Watch Education10x in action

Money Lessons that every child should learn

Finance Chart
  • You may have to wait to buy something you want

  • You need to make choices about how to spend money

  • Money doesn’t grow on trees it needs to be Earned

  • The sooner you save, the faster your money can grow from compound interest

  • Make budget and live within our means

  • Save until you have the ability to purchase without credit

Know your child's current status

Growth starts here

Set your child up for success