Curriculum and Pricing

Financial Literacy


12 Live Sessions

Foundation Certification

Masterclass (3 month access)

Global Alumni Status

Curriculum Includes

  • Delayed Gratification

  • Financial Intelligence

  • Assets Vs Liabilities

  • Profit-Loss

  • Banking and Insurance

  • Opportunity Cost

  • Rational decision making

  • Taxes and Inflation

  • Smart Buying



Financial Literacy

10x Certification

Best Seller

30 Live Sessions

10x Certification

Virtual Simulator Projects

Masterclass (1 year access)

Global 10x Alumni Status

Curriculum Includes

 Financial Literacy Foundation 

  • Basic Accounting

  • Personal Financial Statement Introduction to Financial Statements

  • Investing Instruments

  • FinTech

  • Open Banking

  • Consumer Awareness

  • Digital Literacy

  • Various Business Models

  • How does Amazon, Uber, facebook make money



Advance Financial Literacy with Entrepreneurship

60 Live Sessions

Virtual Simulator Projects

Masterclass (Lifetime access)

Global 10x Alumni Status

Seed Funding

Beta Launch of Business

Curriculum Includes

 Financial Literacy Foundation 

 Financial Literacy 10x Certification 

  • Introduction to Portfolio Management

  • Hands on training on Investing Instruments

  • Modern Money

  • How to build a Product

  • Whats a Minimum Viable Product Business Models 

  • Entrepreneurial Values and Leadership



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